Tannth Shorthammer

Dwarven Arcane Mechanik


Tannth was a mere child when he saw his father murdered in the streets. He had begged his father to take him on one of his travels to another city to sell dwarven wears, and for years his father had told him no. “’Tis not safe for a child” He would say, Tannth would just sit and watch as his father would take a cart of weapons, shields, helms and armour to the nearest human city to sell and trade. Traveling from a small village just outside of Horgenhold to the city of Riversmet was a trip that Bronth had taken many times before. This time, he took his son Tannth with him. Bronth had his son helping him forge the armour and working on the guns for a few years now and the boy and shown talent. He figured that since his son had helped make the wears that they were going to sell, he should at least once travel with him to sell them.

They had arrived in Riversmet a day before his father thought they would, so they checked in a a tavern where they would be staying for a few days. Bronth had taken his son out to see some shops, and where the Solstice Market would be shaping up. This was a yearly thing that Bronth had been selling his guns, armour and other such dwarven wears at and he had made a pretty decent bit of coin for his work. He had also made a pretty good name for himself as well. Tannth couldn’t tell you how many humans were coming over and talking to Bronth. What kind of armour this time? Any pistols that could fire faster? Rifles that would fire more acurately? Helms with better vision?

The following few days passed like a whirlwind for Tannth. His father’s booth at the festival was always full of customers. He knew that he and his father made good items, but he had no idea that they were this popular. Late afternoon, when most of the people were starting to head home, Tannth noticed an unusual man talking to his father for a long period of time near the counter. He wore light armour, with a short sword at his side, but what Tannth really noticed was the that this man had an aura of power.

Late that night, while they were packing up the items they didn’t sell, a group of 4 humans came over to Tannth and Bonth. Tannth looked confused at the humans, then to his father. Bonth look at his son then look at the humans. “Sorry lads, but the festival is over and we’re closed.” One of the humans, a taller one that seemed to be in charge of the group, stepped foreward. “That’s ok, we’ll just take what we want.” With that he pulled a short sword out and came at Bonth. Two of the humans came at Tannth with swords drawn. Bonth grabbed a pair of small axes from his cart and charged at the two men near Tannth. The last human ran forward and drove his shoulder into Bonth, knocking him sideways into the cart. The humans near Tannth starting attacking him, driving the hilt of the sword into his face and then stomping on him and kicking him while he was down. Bonth got up only to have to defend against two men with swords. Bonth laughed at the two men he was fighting “You think I would make all these and not know how to use them? You lads are daft!” But sadly, the numbers were too much for him. The two that had burtally beaten Tannth had joined the fight against Bonth and soon he fell to multiple wounds. Tannth could only watch as his father was murdered before him, then four men taking their coin and a few items before running off into the night.

For a few hours, Tannth could only lay on the ground. He was beaten badly, broken both in body and spirit. So bad were his wounds, that he couldn’t roll away from looking at his dead father. “By the gods…” Tannth heard a voice and new it sounded familiar. It was the man from earlier today. He knelt beside Bonth, bowed his head and closed Bonth’s eyes. “Rest easy, my old friend. This will not go unpunished.” He then turned and saw Tannth laying on the ground. “Tannth, is it? My name is Reiner.” He then picked up the young dwarf and carried him to his home to tend to his wounds.

In the morning, when Tannth awoke, he was furious. A blind rage had taken hold of his soul at the fact that his father was murdered and he couldn’t stop it. He swore vengance on those that did this. Reiner heard him and walked over to him, kneeling down he calmly said. “I can teach you, if you’ll let me.” That was when Tannth had first started learning about being an arcane mechanik.

Tannth Shorthammer

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