Diary of a Mad GM
Adventure Log, as told by an unknown reporter

DM Thoughts
Email invitations have been sent. And we’re open for a total of 6. I’m still a little apprehensive over running a game for a table top for a system I haven’t looked at in a few years, I’m pretty sure that at least one of the players will be more than happy to help me bumble through this campaign. Fortunately, after much discussion with the original 3 players, I’ve decided to run the setting “Iron Kingdoms”, which appears FAR more involved than War Machine, the table top war game I’m used to playing. However, I’m still hoping that my previous experience with running horror games (nWoD) can somewhat translate into the Fantasy genre. And if not, I’ll just slam the over in Cryx, and see what happens.
Also, we’re running this campaign by email, a format I’ve never used before (but then, I’ve always been in an area with more than one player). So, this is going to be extremely interesting.

Current Player List:
Imyn_Wulf : wahladurrbolmogkanuladar
Badger: Tannth Shorthammer
Hawk: No Character Listed.

Adventure Log

Gorim 4, Ashtoven 610 AR
Dear Mr. Durworth,
It has recently come to my attention that both Khador and Cygnar are beginning to enlist adventurers for their quest to regain some artifacts used by Orgoth during their reign over 600 years ago. While I believe that overall, Cygnar will win, I believe that these small bands of adventurers will be the ones who have the possibility of turning the tide of the war. I have found a small Llaelese boy, by the name of Galt Viadro who is willing to help me find a small group of adventures to follow. I would like your permission to do this as a series of articles for your newspaper, and so that people can get the whole story of how so few can help so many.

Cammy Falk


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